We’re One Stop Discount Shop, a discount store with a different approach than our competitors. We opened our first retail location in 2020, right at the peak of the craziest time in all of our lives - the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. We get a lot of customers into our retail store saying, “we haven’t been here before, when did you open?”, only to hear we’ve been open for nearly two years! We do want to take this opportunity to thank our many loyal online customers who kept us busy during the pandemic while things were closed down! 

So, who makes up OSDS? We are a group of friends and family from Burlington, Ontario that got together and said, “Why not offer some high quality products for a really great deal?”. While we’re at it, we also threw in our guarantee of fantastic customer service! We all love working together to make sure our customers are not only happy with the products, but our customer service as well. 

What exactly do we do at OSDS? We have a few suppliers that we have chosen based on the quality and brands of their items. Typically, the suppliers are big retailers with excess overstock, or returns. We order a shipment from them every 2-3 weeks to ensure that we have a solid amount of goods for our store and website. Before they go anywhere though, we test the items. Something you may have noticed from our site or store is that we have different conditions on our products (Brand New, New Open Box, Gently Used). We ensure that our prices match each of the conditions, to ensure that each customer is pleased with the quality of their goods. We will never sell anything that has been significantly used!

We are continuing to grow our business thanks to our customers, and our team’s hard work. We truly do love working together, and are so grateful for our loyal, lovely customer base. We will be keeping you all posted with our growth and updates through our blog posts and newsletters. We promise not to over-do it and bombard you with posts, but simply keep you updated. Please feel free to stay updated by subscribing to the link on this page.

Thank you so much for your continuous support to a proudly Canadian small business during these tumultuous times! 

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