Yamaha Viper Snow Bike

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Product Details

  •  The perfect snow bike for ages 6 and up, the Viper is constructed out of durable steel framing and is powered via strong front flex suspension. The bike has safety features such as a snow break system, sure to keep you secure when cruising in the snow.

  • Lightweight and comfortable, the Viper has an adjustable seat and rubber hand grip for support. A front towing system makes the bike easy to carry uphill.

  • The bike can carry an upwards of 88 pounds of capacity. Powerful, lightweight and safe, the Viper is the ultimate snow bike for kids of all ages


  • Steel frame feature
  • Adjustable seat for rider comfort
  • Front towing system for easy carry uphill
  • Snow brake system
  • Super lightweight
  • Rubber hand grip for comfort
  • 1 person sled
  • Age range 6+

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