Workpro Chisel Set - 3 Piece Black Multiple

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Condition: Brand New - MISSING THE 1 INCH CHISEL
$7.99 $13.75


The WorkPro Wood Chisels are a the perfect tools to add for your wood working needs. There are three chisels in this set, 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch and 1 inch. All have comfort grip handles. These wood chisels have a honed straight edge for precision cutting when you need it the most.
• High Visibility Comfort Handles
• Steel Caps For Use With Striking Tools
• Hardened and Tempered Steel Blades
• Includes Protective Blade Guards

Sizes: 1/2 in.(13mm), 3/4 in.(19mm), 1 in.(25mm)

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