Sunbeam Cool Mist Humidifier Wick Filter D

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Keep your humidifier working effectively by replacing filters regularly. The Sunbeam® Cool Mist Filter with triple layers traps impurities for fresher, cleaner moisture in your home. Effectively captures dust, dirt and impurities and helps to prevent trapped particles from spreading into the air. Replace regularly for fresh, clean, moist air. Featuring an exclusive Arm & Hammer™*2 Baking Soda layer and Carbon X layer to help naturally deodorize the air by absorbing and eliminating household odours. The filter is also treated with an antimicrobial layer*6 to inhibit the growth of odour causing mold and bacteria and preventing it from returning to the air.

Filter helps to capture mineral deposits and improve efficiency of the humidifier. For maximum performance change filter every 30 days.

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