Starfrit Deli Slicer White 1

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The Starfrit Deli Slicer is an essential tool for your kitchen. This multifunction slicer allows to easily slice meat, cheese, bread and more with a single blade. Slice with more precision with the thickness adjustment knob. From now on, hosting a family and friend dinner will be fun as never before!
Ideal for making sandwiches, slice smokes meat and bread, prepare a plate of raclette cheese and cold cuts and more!
- 6.5" Stainless steel serrated rotary blade
- Cuts perfect slices: Adjustable thickness settings from deli thin to 1"
- Great for cutting oversized food: pieces of ham and other meats, baguette, cheese blocks, etc.
- Cuts quickly a baguette without a mess
- Safe: Food pusher, sliding food carriage and thumb guard
- Sturdy base and extra-large non-slip suction base for added stability
- Easy to store: all pieces are nestable for compact and safe storage and it folds for convenient storage.
- All pieces are detachable for cleaning
- Patent pending

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