Spotcredible Carpet and Fabric Spot Remover Set

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The Spotcredible carpet and fabric spot remover can easily remove hard-to-clean stains such as coffee, wine, dirt and pet stains. Just spray it directly onto the stain until completely covered, and allow to stand for two minutes. Blot to absorb excess liquid, rinse well with water and then wipe/blot dry. You can also use this on colourfast upholstery, fabrics, carpet and clothing.

• Ready for immediate use; no mixing needed
• Dimensions: 9.5" x 2.5" x 3.5" (32 oz bottle), 12" x 12" (towel), 9.25" (dip tube)
• Assembly: insert trigger into bottle
• Country of origin: USA

• Spotcredible Carpet and Fabric Spot Remover (32 oz)
• Microfibre Towel
• Trigger Sprayer

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