Sony Electronics XB12 Extra Bass Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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Waterproof Design

With an IP67 rating, your speaker can withstand being in and around water.

The unit, with the cap fastened securely, has a waterproof specification of IPX7*1 as specified in “Degree of protection against water immersion” of the IEC60529 “Ingress Protection Rating (IP Code)”, and a dustproof specification of IP6X*2 as specified in “Degrees of protection against solid foreign objects”.*1 IPX7 equivalency: The speaker has been tested to and maintains its operability when gently submersed in water to a depth of 3.28 ft and left for 30 minutes.*2 IP6X equivalency: The speaker has been tested to and continues to block dust after stirring for 8 hours in a testing device which contains dust particles that are up to 75 μm in diameter.

Dustproof Design

Thanks to the IP67 rating, you can take your speaker to the pool, the forest, the desert, or wherever you like — the SRS-XB12 will keep on playing, no matter how dusty the surface.

  • Extra bass for deep, punchy sound
  • Waterproof AND dustproof (IP67 rated)
  • Up to 16 hours of battery life

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