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Valentine’s Day is all about snuggling and our Way To Celebrate Valentine’s Day Unicorn Plush Toy, White is the perfect gift for kids and those who are young at heart for snuggles this Valentine’s Day.  This plush unicorn features a magical design that comes in a beautiful, oh so soft white plush material  for exceptional hugabilty.  This adorable plush unicorn  features a magical shimmery multicolor horn and hooves, magical rainbow-colored mane and tail, big plastic eyes with a bit of sparkles, all accessorized with festive light blue ribbon tied in a perfect bow!  This magical plush unicorn is this is the perfect Valentines gift for all ages!   Our Way to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Unicorn Plush Toy, White will make the perfect Valentines gift for your loved ones or even better with roses and chocolates, or part of a special balloon bouquet.​

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