Quik Cart Pockets

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**Cart NOT Included**
  • Fits Quik Cart Standard and Topless: Slide this saddle bag cover over your Quik Cart and it transforms it to a organizer cart.
  • Includes 25 compartments and pockets: Ideal for craft, art, scrapbook, and sewing hobbyists.
  • Perfect for teachers: Carry and keep all your teacher supplies for classroom activities nice and tidy with this organizer caddy tote.
  • Contains slots for pens, pencils, and larger pockets binder folders . Useful for Office use and marketing reps.
  • Great for the home improvement and DIY projects: Pack your drill bit set and tool case and head to the work site. Heavy duty stitching on the bag provides durability for long use. Carry your Hammer, wrench, nails, and screws. Great for paint jobs.
  • Haul your garden equipment: Tote around your garden tools such as a mister, spade, snippers, rake, and gloves.
  • Housekeeping: Transport all cleaning supplies from the kitchen to the bathroom. Spacious capacity allows you to carry anything from window cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, brushes and duster.

Brand: Quik Cart
Color: Black
Material: Aluminum
Item Dimensions: LxWxH 18 x 18.5 x 5 inches

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