Prairies and Petals Large Signature Round Arrangement (36 Roses)

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Prairies and Petals is a Canadian floral boutique that specializes in real roses that last one year. Each rose is carefully handpicked during its peak state and preserved without compromising the roses natural shape and radiance. With proper care, not only do you get the benefit of enjoying the roses for the entire year, you will also enjoy the lovely scent of roses for two or three weeks longer than you would with traditional roses!

The Signature Arrangement is styled in a keepsake Parisian style box with thirty-six beautiful blooms. Choose from the brand's trendy round, chic black or white box.

• Measures: approximately 12" (W) x  9" (H)
• Care: do not water, avoid direct sunlight and keep your arrangement in a room-temperature environment.
• Do not remove the roses from the box. If dust accumulates over time, lightly dust if required.
• Shelf life: approximately one year
• Made in Canada

• Prairies and Petals Large Signature Round Arrangement (36 Roses)

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