Outdoor Solar Battery-Op LED Light String with Rattan Covers

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10ft battery operated outdoor LED light strand is CORD-FREE thanks to the attached solar that collects power daily from the sun and creates warm lighting in your outdoor living spaces at sunset. Each LED light is covered with a lightweight rattan cage design that transforms your backyard into An inviting and relaxing outdoor setting for romantic evenings, casual soirees, barbecues or just tonight's Pot-luck dinner. Cordless Solar power means you can hang lights anywhere without concern for the location of electrical outlets. Just position solar panel in a sunny location and enjoy your evenings outdoor more than ever Before!

• Composition: PVC & PC 30%, LED bulbs 20%, electric wire & brass 30%
• Dimensions: 10ft (light strand), 3ft (lead wire)
• Care: gently dust with soft cloth
• Country of origin: China

• Outdoor Solar Battery-Op LED Light String with Rattan Covers
• 10ft long Light Strand
• 3ft lead wire
• 10 bulbs 8 inches apart

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