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What it is:
A compact workout system that allows you to strengthen, tone and define your core without ever leaving your seat!

Who it is for:
This product is suitable for everyone.

What it does:
Exercise in a comfortable, seated position with no strain on your back or neck. Strengthen, tone and define your abs, waist and core. Improves posture by strengthening your back and core. Results in just minutes a day. Make everyday activities easier than ever. Stores easily in the cupboard or under the sofa. More than just your abs: Targets the chest, arms and back for a dynamic upper body workout. Patent-pending Kinetic Resistance Technology works your core like never before. Three adjustable resistance settings, perfect for any fitness level. Specially designed multi-grip handle lets you target different muscles just by switching your hand position. Comes fully assembled - just set your resistance level and start your workout.

What is included:
• Core Magic
• Instruction Booklet
• Nutrition & Health Guide
• Exercise Wall Chart

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