Neatfreak! 30 Pack Plastic Clothes Hanger White 30

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Condition: Brand New - 1 hanger broken
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neatfreak! 30pk hanger is perfect for a neater looking closet. It’s very strong yet it has a slim profile, allowing you to maximize your closet space. The two hooks are ideal for thin clothes’ straps that won’t stay in place and you can hang ties, belts and jewelry on the accessory bar. Create uniformity in your closet by using the same hanger for all your clothing.

This hanger is proudly made in Canada. It was designed to use less plastic than most tubular hangers while maintaining strength, which makes it more environmentally friendly.

Available for online purchase as a full case of 4 packs (120 hangers). Individual packs can be purchased in store or through the Walmart "Grocery" site.
• Slim profile uses less space in your closet
• Strong and Durable
• Equipped with two lingerie hooks and accessory bar

• Exclusive, Walmart’s #1 clothes hanger
• Proudly Made In Canada

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