Navigloo Winter Boat Shelter, 18-22½-ft

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  • Navigloo Winter Boat Shelter is a pontoon/runabout boat shelter system is a modular, complete, off-season boat storage system that fits boats from 19 to 22-1/2' (5.79 to 6.85 m) with tarpaulin included
  • Easy on boat finish & interior : no nails, screws, or other hazards
  • Robust frame with interchangeable parts are specially designed to adjust to a variety of boat configurations
  • Premium quality, UV protected, highly durable HDPE tarpaulin features durable grommets every 18" (46 cm) along the perimeter to allow for easy installation
  • 10' (3.05 m) self-locking straps ensure great frame stability and allow for easy adjustment
  • Engineered for extreme weather
  • Sheds snow & ice - stands up to wind & rain
  • Tarp dimensions: 19' x 32' (5.79 x 9.75 m)
  • Includes: a set of patented telescoping tubes made of highly durable PVC, and lightweight frame materials specifically chosen for their durability and light weight

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