Monopoly/Clue Vintage Deluxe Edition - English

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This Deluxe Vintage Edition features two of world’s favorite games: Monopoly and Clue! The top of the cabinet features a Monopoly gameboard and turn it over to play the exciting game of Clue. Lift off the top of the wood cabinet to access individual storage compartments for all of the premium game components.  

  • Solid wood cabinet with rustic vintage finish
  • Monopoly features premium components including die cast metal movers, solid wood houses and hotels, and a removable banker’s tray.
  • Clue features premium components and vintage graphics, playing cards, a solution envelope, a scorepad with retro graphics, die cast metal weapons, and wood movers with die cast metal.
  • Built in storage under the removable double-sided playing top
  • Monopoly money
  • 6 tokens and dice
  • Chance & community Chest cards
  • Title deed cards
  • Houses and hotels,
  • Included for Clue:
  • Die cast weapons
  • Pad of detective notes
  • Wood movers
  • Pencils    
    • Dimensions (L × W × H/D): 39.75 cm × 39.75 cm × 6.6 cm (15.65in. × 15.65 in. ×2.6 in.)
    • Weight: 3.17 kg (7 lb.)

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