Mga's Dream Ella Color Change Surprise Fairies - Dreamella / Teal 11.5" Fashion Doll Teal

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MGA's Dream Ella inspires kids to be whoever and whatever they can imagine. Kids can create their own stories and role play between fantasy and reality.
DreamElla and her best friends use teamwork and their amazing real-life skills with an exciting, magical fairy twist. They keep everyone happy, healthy and safe!
MGA's Color Change Surprise Fairies are a perfect unboxing item for imaginative play! After unboxing the doll in disguise, dip the doll in an ice cold bath to unveil which magical fairy you got! Collect all 3 fairies!
•COLOR CHANGE FAIRIES: MGA's Dream Ella Color Change Surprise Fairies Fashion Dolls deliver an unboxing experience that is full of surprises! There is a fashion doll in every package, but each doll's look remains a mystery until unveiled through color change fun.
•DIP IN WATER: You'll unbox a doll disguised from head-to-toe. Dip your doll in an ice cold bath to unveil which magical fairy you got! Use the included soft sponge to wipe away any glitter.
•FANTASTICAL FASHIONS: DreamElla's sparkly teal multi-layered skirt matches her wig and boots. Boots have cute fairy wings.
•INTERCHANGEABLE ACCESSORIES: All wigs, skirts and boots are interchangeable!
•INCLUDES 7+ SURPRISES: Surprises include doll, wig, skirt, boots, sponge and etc.
•COLLECT ALL 3 FAIRIES: DreamElla, Yasmin and Aria are magical fairies that make dreams come true!
•FOR KIDS AGES 3 AND UP – Perfect gift for girls and boys ages 3 years old and up for young imaginative play.

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