Gerson International, Metal Tricycle Planter, 2Pk, 14.6-in W x 11-in H

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  • Take your favorite potted plants or flowers for a ride with this set of two antique-styled, 14.6-inch long tricycle plant holders. Durably-constructed of brown powder-coated metal in a classic tricycle design, these charming planters have an oversized front wheel with a wind spinner for wheel spokes. Each of these unique and adorable tricycles have a metal bucket that is perfect for housing your potted plants or flower: one tricycle has a bucket affixed to the front, and the other has a larger bucket affixed below the rear seat on a stand. These attractive and functional planters are each a slightly different style, one with a large wheel and a small wheel, and the other has two small wheels and one large wheel. Both these unique plant holders are intended for indoor or outdoor use, and can be arranged together to create a gorgeous, stand-out centerpiece, or separate them to add a unique touch to different areas of your home and patio.
    • Set of 2 assorted metal 15-inch long by 11-inch high antique tricycle plant holders

    • Durably-constructed of brown powder-coated metal, each tricycle has a large oversized front wheel with a wind spinner for wheel spokes

    • One tricycle has the bucket plant or flower holder arranged at the rear behind the seat, the other has the bucket on the front of the handle bars

    • Attractive and functional, each tricycle has its own unique antique design: one with a large and small wheel, and the other with two small wheels and one large

    • Arranged separately or together, these charming tricycles are ideal for adding that unique touch to your garden scene or for decorating your yard

    • Intended for indoor or outdoor use, both tricycles stand sturdily on any flat surface

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