LONG SHENG 50mm(2 inch) Magic Crystal Ball Free Glass Stand (Purple)

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  • Material: K9 crystal, lead free,it's solid and translucent, without impurity and no bubbles.
  • The crystal ball measures: 50mm(2 inch) in diameter.
  • Come with a crystal stand,the stand's size is 2.4mm*1.5mm
  • Great for collection of feng shui items, divinations and meditation purposes.
  • Would be a great photography prop, and a cool magic prop. Also great items for home and office decoration.

What is K9 crystal:
K9 crystal is one of the highest quality Optical Glass -Crystal, K9 has the same properties as 24% leaded crystal, as looks the same and polishes, and shines - sparkles the same as 24% leaded glass, but doesn't have the lead and is lighter that leaded glass.

Fengshui crystal ball features:
1,The crystal ball symbol of success and super power, great for home and office decoration, also a great addition for anyone's collection of feng shui items and can also be used for meditation purposes.
2,Crystal ball has absorbed the surrounding magnetic field,can enhance a person's faith, confidence and determination.
3,Crystal ball's energy stability, can be a great ward off evil spirits, and purify body negative energy, promote health, development potential and maintain a pleasant mood.
(Warnning:Not to be placed in direct sun light around flammable items. The pure nature of the ball acts like a magnifying glass.)

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