Little Live Pets - Lil' Hamster: Sprinkz

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New from Little Live Pets, it’s Lil' Hamsters! Meet Sprinkz. Sprinkz is always in search of ice cream. You know it's a fun day when it ends in a sundae. She's a total scoop of cuteness. Sprinkz the Lil' Hamster loves scurrying around and exploring. She moves and sounds just like a real hamster! With soft flocked skin and colorful ice cream designs, your new interactive hamsters come to life when you pat their back!

Sprinkz loves to be held in your hand. Hold and pet your Lil' Hamster and hear her react to your touch! To calm you hamster, pick it up and pet its back. The more you pet your Sprinkz, the happier and more excited she will become! When your Lil Hamster becomes super excited it will want to run off. Place her on a table and watch her scamper about!

You'll love you squeaky Lil' Hamster. She will become your new best friend.
- Sprinkz the Lil' Hamster moves and sounds just like a real hamster!
- She has soft flocked skin with a colorful ice cream design to match their favourite treat.
- Sprinkz is adventurous and enjoys scurrying around and exploring places
- Pet your Lil' Hamster and see her come alive!
- Each Lil' Hamster makes cute sounds and effects just like a real hamster
- Lil' Hamsters make the perfect gift for kids aged 4 and up

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