Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber

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The Lifetime® Geometric Dome Climber provides a 3.05 m (10 ft.) radius climbing structure for 3 to 10 year old children. This is a big toy that several kids can enjoy at the same time while helping your child to develop strong muscles and coordination. The dome climber is a fun geometric design with real rock climbing hand grips. It is constructed of weather resistant powder-coated steel to prevent rusting and peeling.

    • Heavy-duty powder coated steel construction, and low maintenance - no staining or painting required
    • Weather resistant powder-coated steel construction
    • High-density polyethylene (HDPE) climbing grips
    • Suitable for children ages 3-10
    • 272.2 kg (600 lb.) total weight capacity

  • Dimensions (H x Diameter): 1.5 m x 3.05 m (5 ft. x 10 ft.)
  • Weight: 49 kg (108 lb.)

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