La Crosse Wireless Charging Alarm Clock with Glowing light base

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Start and end your day with La Crosse Technology's Wireless Charging Alarm Clock with Glow Light. Choose from seven unique and welcoming colors ranging from soothing to energizing to set the right mood. This clock can ensure that you wake on time. Ascending alarm option gradually increases intensity to ease you into a wakeful state. With the wireless charger you'll awake with your phone fully charged as well. Current time displays in large easy to read numbers. Choose to also display a combination of weekday, calendar month and date, and indoor temperature. Adjust brightness automatically or schedule for optimal display. Also features a USB charging port.

  • Wireless charging for Qi enabled phone (5-Watt silicone base with LED charging alignment indicator light)
  • 7-color changing accent glowing base; Adjustable settings: color cycle; color select (color selection: cyan; dark blue; green; purple; red; white; yellow)
  • 12/24-hour manual set time
  • Calendar (full week day, month/date) or indoor temperature (f/c viewable)
  • Ascending alarm with snooze (duration settings: 5 to 120-minutes)
  • 1 Amp USB charging port
  • Adjustable LCD brightness display: 4-intensity levels and off
  • Auto-dim option (pre-select the time you desire)
  • 4-languages: English, Spanish, French, and German
  • Operates on 5.0V AC adapter (included) and capacitor with short memory for power loss (auto 3 min backup)


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