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Add the joy of music to your home with a Kid Connection Musical Keyboard! Comes with a set of realistic black and white keys with multiple synth features including tone, bass, percussion, 22 demo songs and more. Younger children will enjoy the sensory play while older kids can produce and record their own tracks! Whether experimenting with new rhythms or trying out a different tempo, Kid Connection Musical Keyboard is the perfect introduction to musical instruments - no lessons required!
32 Black and white piano keys
9 Percussion choices: Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Hi-Hat, Cymbal, and Samba #1-4
8 Rhythm choices: Slow Rock, Rock, New New, Disco, March, Waltz, Samba, and Blues
7 Tone choices: Piano, Organ, Trumpet, Mandolin, Bell, Music Box, and Guitar
Distort the tone with Effect button
Tempo and volume controls
ON/OFF and Stop controls
Can record and replay up to 54 notes
22 traditional demo songs, including Happy Birthday, Joy to the World, and Danny Boy
One Key One Note teaching lesson feature
2 Built-in quality speakers for clear sound
Requires 4 AA batteries, included for demo purposes
For ages 3 and up

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