Innovative Eyewear Multi-Power Blue Light Reading Glasses

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Introducing Multi-Power Blue Light readers! These readers feature a lens with multiple strengths allowing you to focus in at different distances while reading, viewing your computer and interacting with others. They also provide the added benefit of filtering out the harmful blue light emitted by electronic devices. Studies show that extended exposure to Blue light can have detrimental health effects that can lead to headaches, eye fatigue, sleeping disorders and more serious eye diseases. To purchase, select your normal power for close up reading.  This magnification will be at the lower portion of the lens and gradually be reduced to about half that power at the top.  Now you can leave your readers on all day!


  • Full rim plastic frame reading glasses
  • Lightweight and ultra-flexible material
  • Scratch-resistant, distortion-free lenses with UV protection
  • Multifocal lens with +.625 on top part of lens, +.75 in middle of the lens and +1.25 on the bottom of the lens
  • Blue Light Filtering lenses

Multi-focal Lens:
+2.00 - +1.00 (top), +1.50 (middle), +2.00 (bottom)
+2.50 - +1.25 (top), +2.00 (middle), +2.50 (bottom)


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