Innovative Eyewear Computer Readers with Blue Light Protection, Pack of 2

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Condition: Brand New - 1.25 - 2nd Set of Photos
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These light and flexible readers filter the harmful blue light emitted from digital devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones. They help relieve digital eye strain, and headaches.

    • Metal spring hinge
    • Lightweight and comfortable   
    • Silicone nose pads
    • Rectangle frame shape
    • Scratch-resistant, distortion-free lenses, with UV and harmful blue light protection
    • Available in black and gunmetal
    • Microfibre cloth case included
    • Comes in a pack of 2 frames

    • Microfibre cloth provided to clean your readers
    • Never use paper products or clothing to clean lenses

    • Storing readers in the microfibre case provided is ideal

Frame Size, Model: 7266: (1st Set of Photos)
    • Lens width: 52 mm
    • Lens height: 35 mm
    • Bridge: 18 mm
    • Frame width: 133 mm
    • Temple: 138 mm 

Frame Size, Model: ECR04B: (2nd Set of Photos)

    • Lens width: 51 mm
    • Lens height: 35 mm
    • Bridge: 17 mm
    • Frame width: 135 mm
    • Temple: 140 mm

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