Infinity 7-in-1 Emergency Tool, 2-pack

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Includes 6 AA Duracell Batteries


Key FeaturesAn All-In-One Auto Light

An All-In-One Auto Light

The Auto Light with Emergency Tool by Infinity X1 packs power, safety and innovation into one sleek tool. With 7 functions - including an Emergency Flasher, Seat Belt Cutter, Window Breaker, Work Light, Flash Light, Magnetic Base and Night Vision - the Auto Light is the perfect safety tool for every vehicle in your garage. Includes 6 Duracell AA batteries.

Emergency Tool

When you are facing an emergency, getting help is a top priority. The Auto Light by Infinity X1 is built with a powerful Emergency Flasher to catch the attention of oncoming traffic and emergency vehicles to get help to you when you need it. The magnetic base allows the Auto Light to stick to many of your car's surfaces to provide hands-free assistance when you need it.
Emergency Tool
Seat Belt Cutter and Window Breaker

Seat Belt Cutter and Window Breaker

Infinity X1’s Auto Light comes equipped with a window breaker and seat belt cutter built in, to give you the extra strength you need if you ever find yourself trapped in your vehicle.

500 Lumens of Power

Never be without light again with the Work Light/Flashlight combo. These powerful 500 Lumen beams will give you the light you desire when completing work on your engine, or simply exploring from your vehicle at night. Easily switch between settings to provide the perfect auto companion tool. One tool to do it all - Ready yourself for any situation.
500 Lumens of Power

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