Holographic 3 Tier Fringe Backdrop Pink - Spritz

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  • Give your next event a shimmery splash with a 3-tier fringe backdrop
  • Pink holographic curtain drop instantly uplifts the party vibes
  • Covers approximately 72 inches wide x 45 inches high
  • Comes with peel and stick strips for an easy set-up


    Add a bit of a dramatic flair to your upcoming event with this Holographic Fringe Backdrop from Spritz. The 3-tier glimmering metallic foil is perfect to add a sense of grandeur to any space. The glossy holographic pink fringes create a smooth and seamless look. You can use this curtain from Spritz to decorate your windows and doorways or to set up a fun background for all your party pictures. Starting at the bottom, simply peel and stick each strip above the previous layer to create a layered curtain drop.

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