TurboForce® Fan HT900C Honeywell

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A symbol of cooling for over 20 years, the TurboForce® fan family has provided powerful airflow to generations of enthralled consumers. Experience the TurboForce® difference! Feel the power of the TurboForce® fan from 25 ft. away. (7.6m) away! Its 3 speed settings and 90° swivel head are designed to work with the cooling and heating systems in your home to create a personalized comfort zone, no matter the season. The specially designed fan blades provide personal, quiet and powerful cooling that works great on a table or mounted on the wall, at home or in the office. Featuring a removable, easy-to-clean grate and energy-saving properties,
- Our fans promote the distribution of cool air from air conditioning systems or warm air produced by heating appliances - Save up to 20% on your electricity bills (They create a whirlwind of air that increases your comfort.Increased airflow allows air conditioning and heating systems to be used at lower settings, helping to save you money)- Variable tilt head swivels 90 degrees to make circulate the air- 3 Speed ​​powerful motor – High medium and low running options- Easy to wall mount to maximize space- Convenient carrying handle- Important: Easy assembly without tools; dimensions: 27.69 x 16 x 27.69 cm (10.9 x 6.3 x 10.9 in) - Color: black

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