Glorious GLO-KC-GPBT-W Keycaps - White

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  • Bold Colors with Endless Customization - Choose from multiple vibrant and unique colorways to truly make your board your own. Or mix and match to create your own exciting color combinations. Available colorways: Black Ash, Arctic White, Rain Forest, Ocean, Olive, Nebula, Pastel.
  • Built to Last - PBT plastic offers a satisfyingly rich sound and is extremely resilient to fading over time. The non-transparent, DYE sub legends maximize readability and allow your board's RGB to fully surround the cap.
  • Featuring original glorious typeface
  • Includes 114 GPBT Keycaps Clean, non-transparent (no shine through) DYE sublimation legends
  • Includes 114 GPBT Keycaps Traditional US (ANSI) layout Compatible with all GMMK models n The Box: 1x GPBT Keycaps Set (114 keys)
  • Compatible devices: 75% mechanical keyboard, gmmk pro

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