Foodsaver Fm5200 2-In-1 Food Preservation System Black

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The FoodSaver® FM5200 food preservation system keeps food fresh up to 5X longer (compared to ordinary storage methods) and saves you money when buying in bulk, buying on sale and preventing waste. Plus it’s easier to use by taking the time and guesswork out of bag making and sealing, and provides the 2-in-1 versatility for freezer, fridge and pantry storage. The FM5200 System incorporates NEW features like the Express Bag Maker that reduces vacuum sealing steps by 50%* because it pre-seals the bottom end of your next bag each time. The Vacuum View Window allows you to see where you seal, giving you better control during vacuum sealing allowing you to reduce the roll waste up to 30 percent*. The Lower Seal and Cut Bar design allows you to use your countertop as your work space, providing ease and convenience for making custom-sized, ready-to-use bags automatically and the easy-access Open Roll Storage keeps track of bag inventory, so you always know when you're running low! The FM5200 System also combines the 2-in-1 functionality that is unique to the FoodSaver® brand. It combines a powerful upright vacuum sealing system to vacuum seal bags for long-term storage in your freezer, with an integrated retractable handheld sealer to vacuum zipper bags and containers that keep refrigerated foods and pantry items fresh and delicious.

*Compared to previous FoodSaver® Food Preservation Systems
• Retractable Handheld Sealer works with FoodSaver® vacuum zipper bags, containers, canisters and marinators (not included)
• Express Bag Maker Seal and cutter bar preps next bag with automatic seal operation
• Vacuum View Window ensures optimal control for the best seal possible
• Vacuum and Seal Bar, one touch starts vacuum and sealing process
• Open Roll Storage easily see when you need to replace vacuum seal rolls
• Patented Drip Tray removes for easy clean up
• Moist/Dry Food Settings, adjusts seal level for moist or dry food
• Extra-Wide Sealing Strip applies heat for a secure, air-tight seal
• Marinate Button quickly marinates in minutes, not hours
• Includes: 1 11 in. x 10 ft. Vacuum Seal Roll, 3 Qt Vacuum Seal Bags, 2 Gal Vacuum Seal Bags, 3 Qt Vacuum Zipper Bags, 2 Gal Vacuum Zipper Bags

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