Fitnation Bandu Chair Exercising System

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What it is:
The FitNation Bandu Chair Exercising System by Matt Titus provides smooth, fluid resistance so you can build lean muscle and keep your bones strong, all while getting a calorie-burning and energizing workout right in the comfort of your own home.

Who is it for:
This product is suitable for everyone ages 16 and up.

What it does:
As you move on the chair, your ab muscles are automatically engaged which provides an excellent ab workout to help slim your waistline! You can see real results in as little as eight minutes a day. This portable system works on virtually any chair and it also stores easily. With over 50 different exercises, it can help tone the upper body and tighten the lower body as well as help improve joint health and flexibility.

What is included:
• FitNation Bandu Chair Exercising System

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