FITNATE Potty Training Seat Fits Standard Round Potty Training Seat

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  • SAFE & INNOXIOUS MATERIAL: The material of this potty training seat consists of BPA free plastic as well as tasteless food grade material, which are proved to be non-toxic, safe, healthy and environmentally-friendly. It is undoubtedly an ideal potty training seat for you kids to use.
  • KEEP YOUR KIDS SAFE: The potty training seat is designed to be ergonomic and user-friendly. In order to protect your baby’s spine from damage, it comes with a comfortable backrest and double handrails. So your children feel much safer and more comfortable while sitting on it.
  • EASY TO CLEAN & WASH: There is a soft back pad and a magic button of the toilet seat ring that are easy and convenient to wash and clean in a separate way. With urinary baffle board up to 3.15 inch,it can prevent urine from splashing on the floor and thus keeping the toilet clean and hygienic.
  • CUSHION REMOVABLE DESIGN: The cushion of potty training seat is made of PU soft material, which is versatile and flexible enough to offer more comfort to your toddlers as they are not as hard. Moreover, you can easily remove the cushion from the potty training seat
  • EXTRA GIFT– Come with a Toilet Brush & Bath Toy Organizer For Free. universally applicable for 99% standard-sized toilets such as V shape U shape and O shape.If you have a special toilet in your home, you can also take a picture and ask us if it is available by email.And please measure the size of the toilet before buying

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