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Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends engines just got a MINIS makeover! With over 80 MINIS engines to collect, Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends MINIS from Fisher-Price completely reimagine the Island of Sodor with never-before-seen themes! From animal and construction designs to even outer space, MINIS showcase Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends engines in a whole new way! New themes for 2019 include Pets, Rainbow, Holidays, Icky, Sushi, X-Ray and Medieval. Of course, no collection is complete without your favorite characters in their classic styles, which is why Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends MINIS also include lots of classic engines, too! Kids can collect 'em, race 'em, trade 'em, and use their imaginations to create really unique adventures for these Really Useful engines!

GBR15 - Thomas & Friends Minis 7-Pack #1
GBR16 - Thomas & Friends Minis 7-Pack #2
GBR18 - Thomas & Friends Minis 7-Pack #3
GBR19 - Thomas & Friends Minis 7-Pack #4
• 7-Pack contains seven Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends characters
• Over 80 Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends MINIS, to collect in all (sold separately and subject to availability)
• Never-before-seen themes and styles

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