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This kit from Ecoegg features a Laundry Egg, and the Ecoegg Mega Detox Tablet. The kit can last you up to 864 washes; that's up to four years of clean laundry at just under four cents per load! The Laundry Egg is meant to be a replacement for regular detergent. Simply place the egg in the drum of your washing machine and that's it; no measurements to make, and no mess left afterwards. The stain remover is great for removing tough stains from all kinds of fabrics. Pop it on a garment as a pre-treatment, leave it on for a few minutes, and then wash the garment in your machine as normal. The Mega Detox Tablet should be used prior to your first use of the Laundry Egg to remove any residue build-ups in your washing machine. It helps clean out the pipes and crevices of your machine, and can reduce unpleasant odours.

• Care: please see usage instructions

• Ecoegg Laundry Egg (864 loads)
• Ecoegg Mega Detox Tablet

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