Dynatrap Indoor/Outdoor Mosquito Trap Plus 2 Bulbs

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The DynaTrap® Mosquito Trap lets you take back your yard without the need for chemicals, pesticides, or propane. This insect trap is engineered for 3-way protection against mosquitoes for up to 1/2 acre. First, a UV fluorescent bulb generates UV light, attracting mosquitoes. Then DynaTrap generates warmth similar to irresistible body heat. Third, a powerful yet whisper-quiet vacuum fan sucks mosquitoes into the retaining cage where they dehydrate and die. A unique twist on/off feature ensures that any mosquitoes still alive in the retaining cage will not escape when the trap is turned off.  

Item includes: 1 - DynaTrap, 2 - Replacement Bulbs, 1 - User Manual, 1 - Cleaning Brush, 1 - Screwdriver, 1 - Hanging Chain, 1 - 304.8 cm (10 ft) Power Cord

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