Curtis Stone Gravy and Fat Separator

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Make your own gravy and sauces with the help of this gravy and fat separator from Curtis Stone! With just a squeeze of the thumb trigger, you can quickly separate fat from liquids, and the built-in strainer automatically catches unwanted solids, such as meat.

• Composition: ABS, silicone, stainless steel
• Dimensions: measures approximately 6" in height x 5 3/4" in diameter
• Care: hand wash

Fat separator:
• Fat naturally rises to the top; by releasing the liquid from the bottom of the cup, the fat is quickly left behind.
• Clear cup features built-in measurement markings to help with even dispensing

Valve release system:
• Unique valve release system lets you dispense sauces from the bottom with one-handed ease
• Silicone shut-off valve seals snugly, preventing mishaps during use
• Unit quickly comes apart into three components for easy cleaning and drying

• Gravy Jug
• Handle
• Lid

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