Curtis Stone 2-Piece Suctioning Bowl Set

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This multi-functional set from Curtis Stone features a large five-quart bowl and a small 1.5-quart bowl, and is perfect for whisking eggs or salad dressings, mixing baking ingredients or tossing salads. The plastic lids are perfect for keeping mixed ingredients covered while storing bowls on the counter or the fridge for later use, and the built-in silicone suction cup bottoms help hold each bowl steady, allowing you to pour ingredients and mix at the same time.

• Measurements are clearly marked in cups and millilitres
• Composition: stainless steel, silicone and PE
• Dimensions: measures approximately 5.91" in height x 9.92" in diameter (large bowl), and approximately 4.33" in height x 6.85" in diameter (small bowl)
• Care: dishwasher safe

• Large 5-Quart Bowl and Lid
• Small 1.5-Quart Bowl and Lid
• Use and Care Insert

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