Covertech The Extreme Thermal Rectangular In-ground Solar Pool Cover

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Size: 12' x 24'
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This blue/black solar blanket heats, maintains and increases water temperature better than blue or clear covers and acts to reduce algae. Covertech’s proprietary COEX blown film is approximately 8 mil thick and the solar formula ensures an extended product life by minimizing the damaging effect of UV rays.  

Important information on solar cover size for your pool: if your swimming pool is a kidney shape, lazy L, full L, has outside steps or is custom designed, the solar cover purchased must, at minimum, be sized to the widest and longest dimensions of the pool.

Example: 4.27 m × 8.53 m (14 ft. × 28 ft.) kidney shape the widest section could be 5.18 m (17 ft.) and therefore cover to be purchased should be 5.48 m × 10.97 m (18 ft. × 36 ft.).

For more information on solar blanket to be purchased, please contact vendor at Covertech Industries Limited at 416-640-5590 or email at

    • Colour: blue/black
    • No associated costs to operate
    • Can prevent 35 to 60 percent of your pool water chemicals from dissipating
    • Blown film: pliable, soft, durable, tough and flexible for ease of use
    • Can warm up your pool by 9.5 °C
    • Made in Canada

  • 3.66 m x 7.32 m (12 ft. x 24 ft.)

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