Casper "The Pillow"

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A pillow in a pillow! Why choose between soft and supportive when you could have both? This unique pillow-in-pillow design from Casper is built to satisfy all sleepers, with a supportive inner pillow and a soft, fluffy outer pillow. The inner pillow is filled with nearly a billion coated fibres, creating an adaptive, liquid-like feel that responds to your movements through the night. The outer pillow features longer fibres to give it a plush, cushioning finish. Each fibre cluster is individually blown into the cover; this advanced process makes the pillow resistant to clumping, meaning it can bounce back to life with just a quick fluff.

The gusset is the backbone of the pillow's construction. It fortifies the pillow's shape and evenly distributes the fill, creating a consistent loft, and it also provides neck support and better spine alignment. The 100% cotton cover features a breathable percale weave; when paired with the silky fibres inside, the cover increases airflow, so that you're always sleeping on the cool side.

• Composition: 100% cotton; polyester fabric lining; polyester microfibre fill
• Colour: White
• Dimensions: 18" x 26" + 2" gusset (standard); or 18" x 34" + 2" gusset (king)
• Care: washing your pillows as the seasons change, or every three to six months is recommended
• Country of origin: China

• The Casper Pillow

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