Bionic Steel Hose with Sprayer

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Size: 125'
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Tired of dragging about your heavy, bulky, inflexible rubber garden hose and untangling the kinks to get it to work? Try the Bionic Hose! The Bionic Hose is a super-lightweight stainless steel garden hose that's perfect for both homeowners and professionals, featuring a patented design that will never twist, tangle or kink. Its heavy-duty, pressure-resistant inner hose is protected by a flexible, puncture-proof, stainless-steel housing that makes it virtually indestructible. 

Ordinary hose fittings are easily crushed, but the Bionic Hose's fittings remain solid no matter the pressure. Its high-grade metal outer layer is tear-proof while still maintaining a great degree of flexibility, and the hose also rolls easily, making storage convenient and hassle-free! Regular hoses can burst when frozen, but the Bionic Hose will work even after being frozen solid in a block of ice! On the other end of the temperature spectrum, a regular hose can become brittle and cracked from the sun's heat, but the Bionic Hose will still work even if you somehow manage to set it on fire.

• Rustproof, corrosion-proof, weatherproof
• Lightweight, compact and flexible
• Kink and tangle free
• Virtually indestructible
• Will work even if tied in knots
• Also included in this bundle is a 7-way sprayer nozzle
• Composition (hose): stainless steel, PVC, aluminum, ABS
• Composition (sprayer): ABS, rubber
• Dimensions (hose): 50'; or 75'; or 100'; 16 mm diameter
• Dimensions (sprayer) 6 x 2.12 x 5.5

• Bionic Steel Hose
• 7-Way Sprayer

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