Berkshire VelvetSoft w/Sherpa Reverse Blanket

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Design: Moonlight Blue - Twin
$29.99 $69.99


This new and improved reversible solid sherpa blanket from Berkshire Blanket and Home Co. provides heavyweight warmth and is designed for cold weather. Berkshire has bonded two fabrics together so won't come apart over time and/or in the wash. Use this luxuriously warm and fuzzy blanket to add a bold pop of colour or enhance the look of your décor; it can coordinate beautifully with your existing pieces and it's an effortless way to create a custom look.

Berkshire Blanket brings the world softness, warmth and comfort by creating blankets and other soft home products that delight. From baby's first blanket to a cuddly comforter to Grandma's favourite throw, the brand provides a great selection to people all over the world. Once you snuggle up under this blanket, you might not want to leave! 

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