BePuzzled Hanayama Brain Teaser Cyclone Level 5 3D Cast Puzzle

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【What is Huzzle?】 Huzzle is produced by Hanayama, Japanese puzzle maker. Their productions are designed by prominent puzzle designers all over the world for example NOB Yoshigahara, Bram Cohen, Serhiy Grabarchuk etc... I have travelled around the world but never seen such wonderful 3D puzzles. If you have a chance to come to Japan, I strongly recommend to buy it for your friends and family. 【Official description】 HUZZLE is... the puzzle that is to be taken apart to pieces. And the puzzle that is solved with your inspiration and logic. Your mission is unchaining it and undo. Simple but deep. Let's challenge it with your brain and hands. 【About this Huzzle】 Difficulty level: ★★★★★☆ (5/6) 3 pieces are crossed together. They look same shape but made up with 2 different shaped pieces. Each ring is crossed precisely and their move are limited. Designed by Hongkongers puzzle artist Kyoo Wong, who has produced the greatest puzzles. Packaging size: 75mm × 119mm × 45mm

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