AVF CXQL665-F: Multiposition TV Wall Mount

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Fold flat, extend out, tilt and turn your screen

Great for open plan spaces or mounting in a corner

Low 6.2 cm / 2.4 in profile
+ Extend out up to 67.8 cm / 26.7 in.

Easily adjust your screen position to view from any angle. Great for open plan living spaces.

Tilt your screen up to 13° down / 5° up
+ Turn up to 180°

Avoid light glare and on-screen reflections with easy no-tools tilt.

Mount with confidence

TV compatibility

Holds 32 – 100 in. / 81 cm – 2.54 m TVs, weighing up to 68 kg / 150 lb.

Compatible with VESA fixing sizes from 75 x 75 mm to 600 x 400 mm.

Fully adjustable

Fold flat, extend out, tilt and turn your screen to avoid on screen reflections and achieve the best view from anywhere in the room.

Perfect for corners

The articulating arms make this product the perfect solution for mounting TVs in corners.

Double Stud Wall Plate

Mount to wood stud or solid walls and use Easy Lateral Shift feature for precise on-wall screen positioning. Best for large TVs, in Living Rooms and open plan spaces.

(for mounting on wood studs and solid walls)

Single Stud Wall Plate

A smaller, more discreet on wall footprint, best for smaller TVs, in Bedrooms and Kitchens.

(for mounting on wood studs walls only)

Installation made easy

Our easiest ever Multiposition TV Wall Mount with consumer-friendly, intuitive features

Pre-installed VESA TV interface

With the TV adapters pre-installed on the front plate out of the box, simply loosen, adjust to your TV and fix in place.

Handy Wall Marking Template

Mark your drill holes with ease and ensure your screen is mounted at the desired height with our online Height Calculator tool.

Easy to hook on and secure

Simple, no fuss TV hanging.

Precise TV positioning

Simply hook on, then slide along the double stud wall plate to your desired position and lock in place.

On-wall screen levelling

Tweak your screen without removing your TV from the wall.

Easy ongoing cable access

Extend out for easy ongoing access to the back of your TV – ideal for upgrading equipment or for temporary use devices such as streaming sticks, USB drives or plug & play game consoles.

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