Arm Blaster by Bells of Steel | Isolate and Perpetuate Your Arm Gains | Form Enhancer

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  • ERGONOMIC FORM: When training an ego muscle, you may find yourself tempted to cheat by swinging your curls, our arm blaster prevents that and ensures proper form and maximum growth
  • CONSTANT TENSION: Unlike regular curls where there’s a release of tension at the top and bottom of the movement, the Bells of Steel arm blaster maximizes the progressive overload and will give you that serious bicep pump.
  • DURABILE: The arm blaster is made out of ultra-thick 5mm aluminum and padding on the strap for minimal neck strain while you are lifting your weights.
  • WHAT'S IN THE PACKAGE: The Bells of Steel arm blaster that is 23 inches long x 4 inches high, and is an ultra-thick 5mm aluminum, making sure it never bends or breaks.

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