Adventure Force Double Fire Dart Blaster Green 23.6 In

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Adventure Force Double Fire by Buzz Bee Toys is a twin barrel dart blaster that features hinge action loading. Open up your blaster and insert your darts; you are loaded and ready to launch yours darts at your target up to 80 feet away. This blaster has a dual stage trigger: pull trigger to launch one dart and pull the trigger all the way to launch the second dart. To launch two darts at the same time, pull the trigger hard all the way. The stock has an attachment so that you can add a side saddle dart holder to either side for extra ammo. Recommended for children 8 years of age and older. Item includes dart blaster, dart holder and 6 long distance darts.
"•Hinge-action dart blaster
•Dual stage trigger for blasting 1 or 2 darts at once
•Blasts darts up to 80 feet
•Includes blaster and 6 long distance darts"

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