5Pk Fashion Readers With Case And Cleaning Cloth Floral - 3.0

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Condition: Brand New / 3.0
$24.99 $72.99


These chic reading glasses feature flattering shapes and colourful styles. With this set of five, you can leave a pair of glasses wherever you might need them: in the office, on the night table, in your purse, next to your favourite reading chair, or even in the car (please note, however, that these glasses are not suitable for driving). 

• Choose your magnification
• Enjoy lightweight, durable construction
• Storage pouches can help protect your readers
• Anti-glare coating prevents eye strain when staring at the screen for too long
• Leave a pair in every room!
• Strengths: 1.50, 2.00, 2.50, 3.00
• Composition: plastic
• Care: use a soft, clean cloth to clean
• Country of origin: China

• (5) Readers
• (5) Cleaning Cloths
• (5) Soft Pouches

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