Repeat Products/Product Requests

Hi Reader!!

One Stop Discount Shop staff here, looking to update you on something we’ve been hearing, and may have even been a question of your own!

By looking at our website, you can see that we have exactly what we’ve worked hard for - really great products at a fraction of the price you would get elsewhere! One thing though, we don’t usually know the exact items we’re getting until the day before. This means we can’t always guarantee that the products you love will be returning to OSDS once they’re out of stock. We have been ordering from the same suppliers for quite some time though, and sometimes do see some products return. We cannot guarantee they’ll be back though! It’s the nature of the game we guess.

If you do have a product request, please contact and we can add you to our fun spreadsheet with all our customers’ product requests. We will call customers off that sheet IF we get the requested product in. Again, not something we can guarantee, but something we’ll definitely work towards getting you!

Thank you for your continuous support to a proudly Canadian small business!

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